About me

To the fresh starts. The very first.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Ashley grew up playing competitive sports which ultimately resulted in her receiving scholarship offers to nearly every D1 track program in the country. At Texas Christian University, she trailblazed her spot as one the fastest freshman in the country, earning invitations to both NCAAs and USA Track and Field National Championships.

After suffering a medical catastrophe at the peak of her racing career, Ashley was forced to discover who she was outside of her sport and completely redefine her relationship with movement. This led her to seek out alternative approaches to working out and combine diverse practices of mindful, functional movement that soon became the foundation for her own methodology for AE Fitness.

After spending six years working in the modeling industry, helping women of all ages and sizes achieve their measurement-specific goals, Ashley noticed a massive void in the psychological component of this training style and an unhealthy disconnect between the mind and body with results-driven workouts. She set out to create a method that addressed mindful movement that yielded unmatched results while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Rooted in dynamic low impact cardio and long lean muscle toning, AE Fitness continuously evolves as Ashley seeks to always innovate the method and serve her community from the inside out.

Ashley is based in Los Angeles and describes herself as being in perpetual pursuit of empowering women through conscious movement.