Born and raised in Wisconsin, Ashley grew up playing competitive sports. Despite a challenging childhood, her talent as an athlete resulted in her receiving scholarship offers to nearly every D1 track program in the U.S.

But beneath the aspirational surface, she was struggling with body dysmorphia – driven by a mix of family dysfunction, unhealthy societal constructs, and a lack of support.

Due to her talent and tenaciousness, once at Texas Christian University, she trailblazed as one of the fastest freshman in the country, earning invitations to both NCAAs and USA Track and Field National Championships. Perhaps inevitably, at the peak of her racing career, Ashley’s unhealthy relationship to food and her body resulted in a complete physical collapse.

Her racing career over, she was forced to discover who she was outside of her sport. She had to redefine her relationship with movement and her body. She sought alternative approaches to working out and began to combine and customize diverse approaches to fitness.

Working within the modeling industry, Ashley helped women of all ages and sizes achieve their measurement-specific goals. However, she recognized the flaw in conventional workouts the lack of a mindful component. She knew only too well that a focus on “body beautiful” alone does not create confidence nor sustainable results. In fact, the industry’s narrow focus perpetuated a sense of “never good enough”.

Ashley has been dedicated to changing the paradigm ever since.